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Road Bikes

Road cycling has grown into one of the most popular sports across the globe. It’s beauty is in its diversity. For some, it’s training. For others, it’s meditation. For everyone, it’s a blast. The rolling hills and scenic landscapes here in East Tennessee offer up some of the finest riding around.

Giant Road Bikes

Giant Bikes

Why a Giant road bike?

Giant’s dedication to road cycling from the pro peloton to the needs of everyday riders has been front and center for over three decades. The mix of fabrication quality and value that Giant offers is by far the best in the industry. Many of Giant’s closest competitors are actually fully fabricated by Giant themselves, yet are almost always more expensive.

We’ve never dealt with a company with better practices when it comes to customer service.





Liv Road Bikes

Liv Bikes

Why we love Liv’s road bikes.

Liv is a new brand focused exclusively on making rad bikes for women, by women. All too often “women’s” road bikes are just slightly smaller versions of the “mens” models, perhaps covered in a bath of floral patterns, and then rounded out with a downgraded build spec. Liv is a brand that takes women, their bodies, and road biking seriously.

Liv has a huge range that respects everyone form the new rider to the certified road bike enthusiast.




Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes and gravel riding is quickly growing in popularity across East Tennessee and the country. Gravel riding offers all the serenity and excitement of road riding but in an environment free of vehicles. The Smokies, Tellico Plains, Hot Springs and Oak Ridge all have extensive gravel options, and our local Greenway system is well suited for gravel bikes as well. We have a vast number of options for gravel bikes, whether aluminum, steel, or carbon, we’ve got a gravel bike that will fit your body, riding style, and budget.

Giant Gravel Bikes

Giant Bikes

Flat bars, drop bars, carbon or aluminum.

Giant’s range of gravel-capable bikes is hard to compete with, as they offer a bike in all fit, use, and budget categories. From the AnyRoad, TCX, Revolt, Escape, Roam, and ToughRoad categories, Giant Bicycles has a bike to fit your needs.

As always, Giant’s combination of fabrication quality and value are not to be outdone. The majority of Giant’s gravel line has moved away from the race-geometry mindset which has been a common practice in the road industry, but most manufacturers haven’t adjusted their gravel bikes to follow suit.





Salsa, Surly, All City Gravel Bikes


The kings and queens of gravel.

Steel is still one of our favorite frame materials, especially on a rigid frame. Nothing has quite the balance of stiffness, strength, and the fun factor of a well fabricated steel bicycle. The timeless nature of a steel frames aesthetic means your bicycle will continue to get compliments for decades to come.

All three of these companies are a breeze to deal with, great customer service, excellent fabrication, and relatively solid availability.