Kids Bikes

Our bikes are safe, light, and easy to ride.

Oh and not to mention, all the sizes, and all the colors!










Their First “Real” Bike

Hardly a day goes by without someone excitedly reminiscing about being a kid, and buying their first bicycle from our shop. It’s a moment few of us forget, coming down to the bike shop to get your first “real” bicycle. It’s a great thing to be a part of, and we always have and always will sell safe and well assembled children’s bicycles. Are they the cheapest bikes you can find? No, but our kids are precious, and our bikes are the best.



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Giant - Kids Bikes

Giant Bicycles

All the sizes, and all the colors!

Safety comes first when it involves our children, and we’ll professionally assemble your child’s bike so you don’t have to fret.

Kids bikes that combine quality and value. No other manufacturer in the industry can compete with Giant’s top of the pile fabrication mixed with their lower than average retail prices.