Mountain Bikes

Our foundation was built on mountain bikes.

Everybody has their own style and taste when it comes to mountain bikes, and it can be tricky to decide what’s right for you. That’s where we come in.



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Our Brands

We carry a diverse array of mountain bikes and brands. From an all-out dream machine with a sky’s the limit budget, to your first mountain bike, or anything in between. We’ve got just what you need.

Santa Cruz Mountian Bikes

Santa Cruz

Why Santa Cruz?

Over the years we’ve represented nearly all of the top tier brands in the mountain bike industry, however, one brand has risen above the rest in terms of fabrication, design, and customer service. Santa Cruz Bicycles.

Their bikes are the toughest and best riding bikes we’ve ever thrown a leg over, and they’re mighty good looking too. From the Tallboy and 5010 (the most playful XC bikes out there), to the Bronson and Nomad (the most solid descent oriented bikes in the industry), Santa Cruz’s lineup has the perfect bike for exactly how and where you ride.

We keep most models in stock as demos, so you can test out your next bike before you commit.

Giant Mountian Bikes


Why they make sense.

Rarely does value and top-notch fabrication come together in a single product. With Giant you get both.

The majority of the best bike brands in the industry are fully fabricated by Giant, yet are almost always more expensive, and often less well designed.

Giant’s commitment to their mountain bike line goes way back, and they’re current bikes are competitive both in geometry and design to the best brands in the industry. From your first mountain bike, to a full-blown carbon dream bike, Giant should be at the top of your short list for a new off-road machine.



Want to request a demo?

Give us a call or stop by:  865.588.5744 

Demo bikes are available in a variety of styles and sizes for just $50 a day. Feel free to give us a call to reserve one of our bikes, and find out for yourself what a difference a properly set-up and well fabricated mountain bike can make. Be prepared to be impressed.

Liv Mountian Bikes


Why we love them.

Liv is a new brand focused exclusively on making rad bikes for women, by women.

All too often “women’s” mountain bikes are just slightly smaller versions of the “mens” models, perhaps covered in a bath of floral patterns, and then rounded out with a downgraded build spec. Liv is a brand that takes women, their bodies, and mountain biking seriously.

Liv has a huge range that respects everyone form the new rider to the certified mountain bike nerd.



Chromag Mountian Bikes


Made in Canada eh?

Small and exceptionally thoughtful companies remind us of ourselves.  If Harper’s was a bike brand, we would be a lot like Chromag. Genuine, passionate, driven, and a bit smarter than most.

Hardtails are still alive and well, and Chromag designs the most progressive and best riding hardtails in the industry. They just so happen to be gorgeous as well.

Geometry is changing fast on mountain bikes, and Chromag is at the very forefront. Long front ends, short chainstays, slack headtubes, low bottom brackets, and steep seat-tube angles are standard on all their frames.