Our Badass


What’s it mean to be a Harper’s ambassador? It means you’re kind of a badass.

It’s not just about how fast they are or how high they can jump, it’s about being a force for growth in the Knoxville biking community. Lifting others up, keeping the party alive, and spreading the good vibes that come along with this great sport of ours. We are proud to support these individuals, and hope to make it easier for them to make biking better for you.

Julie Ferrara

Liv Cycling

Bike of Choice: Liv Pique Advanced

Not everyone gets to have a saint in their corner, but we do. Julie’s dedication to helping women discover the empowerment and joy of mountain biking is nothing short of remarkable, and it’s why we choose her to be our local Liv Cycling ambassador. Throughout the year Julie hosts maintenance clinics, leads weekly beginner rides, and spends countless 1-on-1 hours welcoming new riders to our sport. If you’re a woman and are new to the area or looking to get into the sport, do yourself a favor and make an introduction, you won’t regret it.


Kaysee Armstrong

Liv Cycling, Nox Composites

Bike of Choice: Liv Pique Advanced, Liv Hail Advanced

You think you’re fast? Kaysee will most likely eat you alive, and will be adorable while doing it. Since day one she’s always been tougher than most, but after years of success on the collegiate scene, and cutting her teeth playing the endurance game in the roughs and steeps of the Pisgah National Forest, things have gotten real. Whether it’s international stage races, regional enduro events, cyclocross, or the Queen of Pisgah competition, she’s on the podium, and usually on the top step. Throw in her friendly and witty personality, big smile, and commitment to our community, and she was a perfect fit as an ambassador for the Harper’s crew. Follow her antics on social media, and help cheer on a local with a seriously bright future.


Rich Kidd (aka Shaggy)

Santa Cruz, Nox Composites

Bike of Choice: Santa Cruz Nomad

Where to start? When we first met Shaggy he was primarily a road racer who just so happened to have a pump track in his back yard. It was an odd mix, but we knew we liked him from day one. Things have definitely changed, I think it’s been a few years since he’s even owned a road bike, his beard has gotten bigger and more red, and his skills on the mountain bike left ours in the rearview many seasons ago. He’s fast up, down, jumps the biggest gaps, and has a personality that’s larger than life. Not long ago it was time for a career change, so he decided to become a full time trail builder, and has been building trails professionally throughout the east coast. Follow his antics around the east coast, as he attempts, but fails to break his Santa Cruz Nomad.


Tim “Slim Tim” Morehead

Santa Cruz

Bike of Choice: Santa Cruz Bronson, Chromag Surface, Black Market Edit

Tim is our right-hand man when it comes to events or good times in general. Quick to smile, gives the best hugs, always there when we’re in need, and damn, that boy can jump. Look for Tim at BMX spots and the gravity oriented venues in our region, and if you need tips on how to get a little more air out of a lip, he’s your guy.


Missy Petty

Ibis Cycles, Bell Helmets

Bike of Choice: Ibis Mojo HD (yes we are a dealer)

Few women in our region have had as much of an impact on our local cycling community as our friend Missy Petty. Her role as the Bell Joyride Ambassador has energized, empowered, and introduced women to the sport of mountain biking in a way we never saw coming. It was just a few years ago that mountain biking was viewed as a male dominated sport, and Missy has helped to shatter that stereotype. Throw in her many years as an elite road and mountain bike racer, a toughness on the bike that’s hard to match, always quick to bring the fun, and Missy was a clear choice for a Harper’s Ambassador. If you’re a woman who’s new to town or new to cycling, don’t miss out on the Bell Joyride, it’s really the best.