Recreational & Hybrid Bikes


Come on down, take a ride, and let us help you find a bike that you’ll look forward to riding.









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Over the last fifteen years the recreational category has grown more than almost any other discipline of cycling.

There was a time when there was only one choice, the hybrid bike. Today, there are a half dozen or more variations of the hybrid. They vary greatly based on their seating position, stability, and efficiency. After years of selling bikes to people in this category we’ve found that the only way to truly know which version of the recreational category fits your needs, and your personality, is a test ride. We, and our customers, are constantly surprised by the reactions that people have to each bike, and how often they don’t meet any of our expectations.

Giant Recreational & Hybrid Bikes

Giant Bikes

The undisputed kings of hybrid bikes.

No other bicycle brand combines value and quality fabrication to the extent that Giant does. While representing all levels of quality, the most popular Giant hybrid bikes range from $350-$600.

Fit comes first, and all of Giant’s hybrid offerings have been designed with comfort in mind. Say goodbye to achy joints, and rides cut short by discomfort.

Not sure which category is right for you?
That’s what we’re here for. Let our thoughtful and friendly staff help make sense of the many options available.




Liv Recreational & Hybrid Bikes

Liv Bikes

Hybrids designed by women, for women.

Liv is the only bicycle brand dedicated specifically to women that’s actually run by women. Fit has been adjusted to make each bike both more comfortable and functional for female riders. Liv has a full range of bikes to satisfy nearly every fit and budget.

Picking the right hybrid bike should always include a test ride.
Stop by and let our helpful staff sort through the many options and help get you on a bike that’s comfortable, efficient, and safe.



Electra Recreational & Hybrid Bikes

Electra Bikes

Where fashion and function meet.

The Townie is by far Electra’s most popular bike and has won people over worldwide. The mix of ride-ability, stability, and comfort make it one of our most popular hybrid bikes.

Looking for something more stylish than usual? Electra’s range of cruisers, hybrids, and kids bikes are by far some of the best looking bikes in the industry. They regularly collaborate with top artists to create some of the most unique bicycles in the industry.

We only sell the best.
Electra is hands-down the most quality manufacturer of cruisers in the market. Good looks walk hand-in-hand with quality fabrication.