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Dedicated to the Knoxville cycling community for more than 55 years.

We ride and love all bikes but our foundation was built on mountain bikes.


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What’s Hot at Harpers?


The diversity of our following never ceases to amaze us, and we regularly sell just about anything that can be used on or with a bike, from svelte carbon bits to sheep skin seat covers. However, some things are just hotter than others, and here’s a taste of what’s been especially hot so far this season.

The Giant Trance 2

The Giant Trance 2

Why The Giant Trance 2? Things are changing mighty fast in the mountain bike industry, and it wasn’t long ago that we were wondering how we could possibly improve bikes that already seemed so nice. Luckily, the industry had plenty of tricks up its sleeve. Just a few...

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Upgraded Dropper Levers

Upgraded Dropper Levers

Dropper Levers are probably one of our most functional, least expensive, and popular upgrades. Functionally, this upgrade simply makes it ergonomically easier to employ your dropper when the trail turns chunky and steep.

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