Why We’re Here

Harpers has been involved in the Knoxville cycling community for more than 55 years.


As someone who’s enjoyed two decades of shop life, it’s hard to describe the impact, relationships, and culture that those years have encompassed. Selling and working on bikes in Knoxville, TN is just a small part of what we do. It’s the after-work rides, weekend trips, local events, customers that become the closest of friends, those friends lingering most of the day, and being a contributor the development of our community that drives us. We just have to sell and work on a few bikes to make that happen. Luckily, we like bikes too.

Historically Speaking

Odds are, if you know someone who grew up in Knoxville, they got their first bike at Harpers.

It’s a heritage we’re proud of, and if you’d like know a bit more about how a young Walter Harper Sr. fell into the bike business, Here’s a few words on the Harpers story by his daughter Mick Doane. She followed in his footsteps at Harpers for nearly thirty years, and amongst the more seasoned members of Knoxville’s community, she’s considered to be our matriarch.

What’s Next

It’s a brave new world in our part of the country.


Civic leadership has realized the impact of outdoor recreation, and our assets are rapidly expanding. New shops are popping up everywhere, but so are new trails, greenways, and riders. We will continue to invest in our local assets, develop new riders, and add our unique brand of entertainment to our local community through events and festivals.

Things are only getting better in Knoxville, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that progress doesn’t slow down anytime soon.