Why The Giant Trance 2?

Things are changing mighty fast in the mountain bike industry, and it wasn’t long ago that we were wondering how we could possibly improve bikes that already seemed so nice. Luckily, the industry had plenty of tricks up its sleeve. Just a few short years ago, dropper posts, 1x drivetrains, oversized stanchion suspension forks, locking-clutch derailleurs and progressive geometry were at the pinnacle of mountain biking tech and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

With the Giant Trance 2, you get a healthy spoonful of all that the industry has to offer at a price other companies just can’t match. Throw in the fact that Giant has the most trusted fabrication facility in the industry, and we have one of the most trusted service departments in town, and this bike puts a hurting on its competitors. We’ve got them in stock and a couple of demo units to try so come throw a leg over one, you won’t be disappointed.

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