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The freedom of the open road. It calls to us, and we answer. This is why road cycling has grown into one of the most popular sports across the globe. Its beauty is in its diversity. For some, it’s training. For others, it’s meditation. For everyone, it’s a blast. The rolling hills and scenic landscapes here in East Tennessee offer up some of the finest riding around.

The key to an enjoyable road experience, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, is bike fit. Riding is not fun if it makes you hurt, and many of the archaic bicycle designs of the past left folks with a bad taste for drop bars, but trust us, a lot has changed. Bicycle design philosophy has evolved over the last decade to embrace comfort and rideability over aerodymics. Each of us have a range of flexibilty that is unique and therefore having a fit professional help you will not only maximized your comfort but also your efficiency and power.

Here at Harpers we carry a wide variety of brands that are each unique in what they offer as fas as fit, function, and style are concerned. Whether you’re looking for an all out race bike, a cross-country touring bike, or a solid fitness bike for the hills of East Tennessee, we can help you find just what you have in mind.

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